Monday, March 12, 2007

Caps plug away with Johnson

It pains me to constantly think that whenever Kolzig goes down, Johnson has to be stuffed infront of the cage only to watch pucks go past him.
Living in Toronto I don't get to see the Caps play much, let alone Brent Johnson. But over the stretch of Kolzig's injury I have had the opportunity to realize Johnson is a complete plug!
I really don't know what Caps management liked in Johnson after last season. Well, I'll take that back. He did show up for a few contests, and I did notice confidence building in Johnson's play.
But at 26 games played, Brent Johnson's GAA sits at a terrifying 3.67; only better than Dan Cloutier.
I understand that Johnson has become somewhat of a better goaltender after arriving in Washington, but to think that the Caps are totally sold on Johnson by extending his term in DC is scary.
One netminder in particular that I would like to see in a Capitals uniform is Fred Brathwaite. (May be Atlanta Thrashers' property)
Watching Johnson today against the Thrashers truly made me believe he isn't capable of playing in the NHL.
I'm guessing the Caps are looking to keep Johnson around for quite a bit so all I can do for now is hope Dave Prior can enrich Johnson with some serious goaltending techniques.

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